Developing the aerospace applications of tomoRrow

The purpose of the Innovation Committee is to support the development of our members whose disruptive innovations help to meet today’s major challenges of the aerospace industry. 


Thanks to collaborations with others companies and research institutions, we are working on new concepts through joint projects.

Since 2021, GAIN supports companies’ R&D activities and aims to deepen members’ knowledge on certain subjects such as digital transformation, Hydrogen, drones and all-electric aircraft.

Joining the Innovation Committee can deliver

many benefits like :

1. Developing new intellectual property portfolios as well as new commercial, product and service opportunities through joint innovation projects

2. Reducing R&D costs and developing a competitive advantage

3. Deepening members’ knowledge on important topics and understanding industry best practices

4. Attracting cutomers, investors and talents 


Who is it for?


The Committee concerns aerospace companies, startups, academies and research centers. Legal status and size do not play a role in a company’s eligibility.

Hydrogen in Aviation 

Hydrogen use in aviation is still in its infancy. Due to its energy density and the combustion releasing no GHG, hydrogen is a promising path towards true zero-carbon flight.


New aircraft designs, materials & processes


Aviation has made tremendous improvements in energy efficiency thanks to composite airframes and larger turbines.

Yet there is still an enormous protential for accelerating innovation in airframe and engine design, while new materials allow for further weight reduction, also thanks to emerging production techniques thant make it possible exploiting their proprieties.


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