Sharing training courses & developing joint projects

Swiss quality & reliability 

The purpose of the Quality Committee is to support the study of topics relating to R&T developments by bringing together the quality managers of each member company. 


Thanks to collaboration with others companies and research centers, companies can develop joint projects.

GAIN supports companies’ R&T activities and aims to deepen members’ knowledge on certain subjects such as aerospace audit procedures, real-time process control, AI.

Joining the Quality Committee has

many advantages. It can allow :

– Sharing training courses focusing on auditing, audit procedures and techniques;
– Reducing R&T costs;
– Deepening members’ knowledge on certain subjects such as real-time process control and multi-room control using AI;
– Collaborating with laboratories, Hautes Ecoles and Universities researchers;
– Developing joint projects.

Who is it for?


The Committee concerns aerospace companies, startups, academies and research centers. Legal status and size do not play a role in a company’s eligibility.

For information about our committee, contact