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GAIN takes part in the offset transactions under Air2030 Program.

Our group of Aircraft subcontractors builds and provides a complete solution to major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in a one stop shop format for managing sub assemblies or work packages in either metal fabrication or electronic systems.

The manufacturers of the Swiss Armed Forces’ new fighter jet and the air defence system are required to compensate for 60% of the investment through offset transactions with Swiss companies. This offers SMEs the opportunity to qualify as long-term suppliers to OEMs. GAIN supports Swiss industrial companies and startups in this process through knowledge-sharing and business synergies with major manufacturers.

Acting as a one-stop shop, GAIN has a proven portfolio of aerospace solutions and drive the entire offset project cycle. We define elements that could be contracted to GAIN member companies on the direct and indirect offsets of the Air2030 Program.

Our products and services include electronic systems, sensors, secure processing modules and subsystems, engines and gas turbines, helmets, customised roller screws, composites material, surface treatments, cover maintenance, engineering solutions and project management.



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Investing approximately 20% of revenues in 2021

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Support applied R&D projects involving collaborations between firms and universities 

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