4 Dec, 2023

Exhibition | EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

GAIN Members at Madrid Event Forge Pathways for Future Aero Industry Collaboration

From November 28th to 30th 2023, the Geneva Aero Industry Network (GAIN) members convened at a pivotal event in Madrid. This assembly marked a significant milestone in fostering collaborative strides within the aero industry.

The GAIN, comprising four distinguished companies from the Canton of Geneva and Vaud, showcased their prowess and shared visions at the event. The three-day affair saw a dynamic exchange of ideas, innovations, and future prospects among the members. The GAIN booth served as a hub of activity, attracting not only guests but also serving as the epicenter for propitious collaborations.

Throughout the event, the GAIN members engaged in fruitful discussions and networking sessions. What emerged as a standout achievement was the establishment and fortification of new connections among the members themselves. This strengthened intra-network bond holds promising potential for robust regional collaborations in the foreseeable future.

Accompanied by captivating visuals of the booth and the vibrant team behind GAIN, the event pictures depict the enthusiasm and dedication of these industry leaders in forging a path toward greater synergy and mutual growth. Welcoming esteemed guests to their booth was just one facet of their multifaceted presence; the pivotal point lay in the forging of new connections and cementing existing ones among GAIN members.

The camaraderie and shared ambition displayed by these companies underscore the vitality of collaborative initiatives within the aero industry. The culmination of the event not only symbolizes a successful participation but also paves the way for a future marked by innovative collaborations and advancements within the regional aero sector.

Stay tuned as these developments unfold, promising exciting prospects and groundbreaking partnerships within and beyond the realms of Geneva and Vaud.


For a visual glimpse into this event and the vibrant GAIN members, explore our captivating journey through our photo gallery available below!

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