8 Oct, 2022

Dassault Aviation Business Services | Aviation’s Most Well-Respected MRO Brands

DABS is a major European component of Dassault Aviation’s worldwide service organization.

Previously named TAG Maintenance Services, the MRO provider was acquired by Dassault Aviation from TAG Aviation in 2019. Today, the 500 professionals of DABS are focused as before on meeting the needs of a diverse group of aircraft operators flying business aircraft from multiple aircraft manufacturers.  
Based out of Geneva, Dassault Aviation Business Services offers a complete range of maintennace capabilities including:  ✔️ Major Inspections  ✔️ Airframe Repairs ✔️ Avionics and Cabin System Upgrades ✔️ Paintwork, and Complete Interior Refurbishments We are glad to have them in our network since 2022 Learn more about Dassault Aviation Business Services