24 May, 2022

Pie Aeronefs | Electric Aviation Pioneer

Pie Aeronefs is a Swiss all-electric aircraft manufacturer.

Its goal is to market lightweight and zero carbon emitting aircraft by 2026. Through distributed electric propulsion, Pie Aeronefs’ airplanes shall equal or surpass the performance of standard piston engine driven ones.


Founded in 2020 and based in La Sarraz, canton of Vaud, Pie Aeronefs has expertise in:

✔️ Production of tools and large CNC machining
✔️ Manufacture of composite parts
✔️ Post-production cooking

We are glad to have them in our network since 2022

Learn more about Pie Aeronefs : www.pieaeronefs.ch 

Marc Umbricht, CEO of Pie Aeronefs 

▪️ Marc, what are you passionate about ?
I am passionate about aviation, and delivering an elegant aircraft which is optimized to its mission requirements. I would rather begin with a new design that is tuned to its intrinsic advantages than adapt existing airframes to new mission and power architectures.

▪️ What do you work on ?
At Pie Aeronefs, we are developping what we call the first practical electric aircraft, intended to fit seamlessly into the light single engine market. To acomplish this objective, we have developped an aerostructures design beureau, and a rapid prototyping composites workshop. We collaborate with our partner, LZ-tec, in the development of an electric drive train which is lighter than existing options in the 150 kW power range. We have developped two critical technologies which we are integrating into our aircraft projects:
– Lightweight fireproofing systems
– High-performance aspirated high-lift devices

▪️ Why did you decide to join GAIN ?
GAIN shares many long term goals with Pie Aeronefs, and represents an opportunity to pursue those goals in a more organized manner than Pie is capable of doing on its own.

▪️ What do you like the most about it ?
GAIN’s commitment to innovation and education match Pie Aeronefs’ strategy and ambitions. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration on these fronts.

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